Sosuke Hisashi

A land reclaimed, a home rebuilt, and a legacy created.Mare available upon request!


Born to a Doman fishing family, Sosuke was only five years old when Doma surrended to the Garleans and the occupation started. Growing up through the occupation was taxing on his parents, whom had to work extra hard to provide for their four children. Sosuke being the youngest of them all, he and his two brothers and one sister did their best for many years to simply be children. Luckily for the family their village was near the coast and didn't really give any strategical advantages for the Garleans, so other than their normal tax they were left alone for the most part. His father was a fisher and his mother took up weaving to make ends meet.Everything changed when Sosuke was fourteen, Garleans got bad intel that his village was secretly planning a coup against the Garlean's posted there, even though they had no way of doing so. Sosuke was sent to the market to sell his parents wares, and to his horror he found the village on fire upon his return. The Garleans already having moved on leaving the bodies to rot. Sosuke found his family, slaughtered in their home. Mother and Father wrapped around the three children they had kept home. They were simply cut down through their parents.Something snapped in this young teenagers brain and he knew that this wouldn't be the end for him. Sosuke buried his family and moved deep into Doma. To the caves whispered about by travelers at the village inn. Whispers of men and women cloaked in shadow, weaving handsigns and producing great power and then disappearing into the darkest. But the greatest draw for this young man was simply this: Whispers that this group fought against the Garlean Empire.With the rebellion a success in Doma, Sosuke traveled west with the plans of repaying Eorzea and the Grand Companies for helping liberate his home. Giving back to those who helped him. While working in the west, he sought out builds and craftsmen, planning and beginning the rebuilding of his village. The dye was cast and for the next few years, all his adventures and acquired wealth was for the sole purpose of rebuilding his clan and his home.Sosuke met a woman while in the west, a spitefire from the sands. They wed and were blessed with two children. Takara Calahan and her brother, Sinnick Calahan. Now Four and Two respectively. While he married their mother, it ended up not working and they have divorced. The children are equally loved by both parents, and while the divorce has been trying, he doesn't let that stop him from being the father his children need.In life, Sosuke has walked m any different paths. From battling Voidsent to being a member of a secret Doman Yakuza family. He's done a lot in his life, and has always had the plan to rebuild his clan and his home.The latest anyone could of heard from him, is he had stepped down from a Trading Company he helped found, and went back to the village to be with Sinnick. Takara was with her mother, and Sinnick was with his father. Sosuke had fallen very ill and was unable to do anything other than focus on his health. Oddly, one day he said he was traveling North, to the lands of Garlemald. He wouldn't explain why, but most assume it was some crazy murder/suicide plot. As he was so sick he was going to die, and take as many Garleans out with him.But now Sinnick has been kidnapped, and as the village jumps into action to find their little Lord. Word has reached his father.Returning and retrieving his child, dispatching the kidnappers, and finishing the restoration of Hisashi Village. Sosuke now focuses on running his land and providing for his people and children! Both of which live with him thee days.


Sosuke found Ruby trying to survive in the Azim Steppe. She was fending for her own and looked a bit lost, but he could tell simply from afar that she had spunk. A drive to live, the will to survive. While he was on mission in the Steppe the man would check in on her from time to time, as he had never seen anything like her before he simply wanted to learn. One evening he made his way towards her little camp, only to see smoke from the distance. To his surprise, he felt his heart grow cold for the first time in years. Pushing himself into action he went searching for the tiny little being. Finding her under chase by three men with spears and a bow, poachers! She was injured, limping and crawling through the tall grasses to get away. He could hear her pleads for help falling on deaf ears.With quick work Ruby's pleads soon found themselves on dead ears. The three poachers not even realizing that Sosuke was there until it was to late. He made his way towards Ruby and knelt down, offering her a roll of bandages. Ruby eyed him suspiciously, and rightfully fearful she took the bandages. She winced as she was unable to wrap her arm and leg up on her own, she begrudgingly asked him for help. Sosuke scooped her up in his arms and took her back to his own camp, nursing her back to health. The two have been together ever since. She asked to explore the world with him, accompanying him on his adventures so she could learn the way the world works.

Basic Information


  • Name: Sosuke J. Hisashi (Goes by Will/William or Rourke)

  • Age: 37

  • Sex: Male

  • Height: 6'5

  • Weight: 195 LBS

  • Hair: Black with light grey.

  • Eye Color: Heterochromia - (L)White (R) Light Grey/Black

  • Physique: Muscularly tone. Mesomorph

  • Skin Color: Pale hue.

  • Orientation: Straight

  • Status: Divorced.


Sosuke's physical form is usually covered in different types of robes and garments. Wearing an eyepatch or bandana over his left eye. Recently found wearing a blindfold, though if asked about it he'd inform you that he can see. The band of cloth just blocks light for him. On the right side of his head he dons three large scars raking back from about his temple, stopping the hair from growing. His face is also littered with a few scars, over his right eye and across his nose. A crescent moon type scar lays across the right cheek. His neck bears what seems to be rope burns, usually covered by a collar.Across his chest he has a matching set of claw marks to the set on his head, crossing down from his right rib area down to his left hip. He also has what seems to be a puncture wound in his left shoulder, with an exit wound in the back, right by his collar bone. Across the mans abs are deep grooves, carved into the muscle.
Across his back would be the apparent scars of the whip, fifteen lashes.
He is missing his left arm, almost entirely. Nothing but a shoulder with a short nub attached to it. Usually wrapped with black cloth. He may also be found with a prosthetic, aether powered.


Roleplay I will do

  • Grim/Dark Rp

  • Slice of Life Rp

  • Story Driven Rp

  • Deep Dive Rp

  • Casual Rp

  • Relationship Rp (With Permission/Story Reasoning)

Character Progression is a huge part of why I roleplay, so I'm always down for any sort of RP that will drive my characters personal story onwards. I roleplay as an escape, so I always try and keep the RP fun and exciting for both sides. I am definitely in the grey area on lore, just make it make sense. That's all I ask.

Roleplay I will NOT do

  • Forced Rp

  • Rape Rp

  • Player Killing Rp (Without Permission)

  • Paying For Rp

  • Lore Breaking Rp

  • Metagaming Rp

  • Cheating Rp

I will not Roleplay with anyone against their will, or do anything disgusting or heinous to their character that they don't want. I get no fun out of roleplaying a scene with someone if only one party is having fun. I won't Roleplay out a scene if it's something I disagree with, personally. A great example of this is Cheating Roleplay, meaning if our characters are together, ICly, I don't do cheating roleplay. If you're character wants to cheat on mine, that's more than fine but I won't Rp it out and we can simply end all roleplay there. I do this because there is no entertainment in that kind of rp, and as I roleplay simply for the fun, that isn't fun.